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I’m Ricky. I’m a digital creative from Raleigh, North Carolina.

In December of 2015, I earned my Master’s of Computer Science at NC State University – I did an accelerated Bachelor’s/Master’s program there, with an undergraduate minor in Arts Entrepreneurship. It was a great ride, and I made it to the other side with a ton of valuable experiences.

During this time, I was heavily involved in extracurriculars outside of my major: I wrote for the student newspaper (The Technician) for a semester, with my own weekly column about local breweries and articles about entrepreneurship and science in the Raleigh area. I served as an ambassador for the Computer Science department and the Entrepreneurship Initiative on campus, and founded the Joint Entrepreneurial Development and Innovator’s Council (a.k.a. JEDI Council!) during my last year of classes to bring entrepreneurial programs closer together. I also held part time work for the majority of my education, and explored other avenues of learning via a bunch of personal side projects, like guitar design/construction and human factors-oriented smart glasses development.

Currently, I work as a senior software engineer at PrecisionHawk, a company that provides insights via aerial data collection and analytics (they use drones to figure out how to help you!). I’m fortunate to have the opportunity to apply my creative and technical thinking to such a cutting-edge industry, and to learn from the badasses that are creating real value with this new technology at the same time.

I still do side projects, too, which range from computer vision / virtual reality applications to further experimentation in musical instrument design. I try to compose music when I can (which can be found on my SoundCloud page), and enjoy diving into other application development as well, time permitting.

I made this site to showcase the work I’ve done, and to start discussions on interesting topics and technologies. Please reach out if you like what I’m doing – I’d love the opportunity to hear more from people with similar interests!


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