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A reimagining of a classic genre for a new class of device, -Broken- was developed when the first iPhone was still new technology. Looking for ways to use the new input methods afforded to developers, I decided to create a variant of the well-known Breakout/Brick game that capitalized on these innovations.

I took on my first major software project in late high school, which was the creation and release of a game for the iPhone and iPod Touch. At the time, these were both innovations that offered cutting-edge features like touch screens, accelerometers, and a full app development ecosystem.

The premise of the game was simple: use the accelerometer to rotate the paddle around the mass of blocks, and break your way to the core. Powerup blocks allowed you to grow and shrink your paddle, as well as adjust the speed of the ball.

I developed this game using the Torque game development framework for iOS, which involved learning a proprietary language built on top of the iOS development SDK. It was a valuable learning experience at that stage in my career, and taught me about everything from code structure, to product testing/release processes, to marketing and branding. Most importantly, it taught me just how much effort goes into making a single application, and how to play to my strengths as a developer at the time.

A screenshot from the game on the original iPhone.

A screenshot from the game on the original iPhone.



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