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Nicotrax aims to help people kick their smoking habits for good. The Bluetooth-connected cigarette case tracks the cigarettes the user smokes, and analyzes their habits over time. Together with contextual data like location and social connections, the system can figure out what the user’s triggers are, and intervene before the user smokes another cigarette. Nicotrax creates a custom cessation plan for each user to help them change their lives once and for all.


The Nicotrax mobile app and hardware prototype.

One of my first projects while working at DXLab was to aid Nicotrax, Inc. in their Android and web development. This involved being an architect and project manager for the Android application (managing a team of 4 grad students at NC State University and one employee of Nicotrax), and being the lead developer of the web client. I also provided input to the design process, with the rest of the team taking point on that part of development.

This project was done as part of the DXVentures design incubator, a program designed to give startups the resources they need to design great products that solve genuine user problems. Companies participate in a 3-month curriculum where they revisit their target market/problem space, go through the ideation process to generate effective solutions, and build out functional prototypes to test hypotheses about how people use their products.

Within these three months, the DXLab team had helped Nicotrax develop a complete hardware and software prototype, and get this solution into the pockets of users to test. All of us benefitted greatly from working together, with Nicotrax gaining much-needed manpower on their idea, DXLab getting the exposure of an incubator success, and myself gaining experience in product management/working with embedded systems.

A more detailed portfolio piece on the process can be found on the DXLab website, and the company’s story was featured in FastCompany.

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